I am a husband of one angel, father of two princesses, servant of one Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and now in transition career-wise after pursuing a career in the fire department for the last 3+ years.  As i come through the fog and pain of submitting that dream to my loving Father, it is here that i have begun to feel God’s call on my life into pastoral ministry.  If He should see fit to entrust me with the great and noble task of under-shepherd, i now would willingly and joyfully accept the task where once i know i would not have. 

* see this post for more on that transition

 I’ve always considered myself to be a theologian anyways, but no more than anyone is who has thoughts about God and seeks to understand Him – so , i guess that still puts me in the non-professional category presently; but still a theologian none the less.  It is my prayer that as i push out into deep waters and try to wrestle with God and the Scriptures here that you might be blessed and learn along with me.  I am always glad for a sincere fellow traveler in these deep waters.  May the Spirit of God enlighten us as we seek to know Him (Jer. 9:24, 1 Cor. 2:14,15) and give us humility in how we share that knowledge with others.  Soli Deo Gloria.

 – Wesley C Parker

*Update Nov. 2014*

As of now I am 50%-ish through my MDiv studies at Northwest Baptist Seminary in British Columbia and serving as pastoral intern at Dunbar Heights Baptist church in Vancouver, BC where I also continue to serve as music director.  I have felt so assured and confirmed now in this calling to pastoral ministry that (as often seems to be the case) I feel I am where I was always meant to be from the beginning.  That being said, God is One who uses process to work into us what He has planned for future use and so I know none of that time was wasted but all many cumulative parts woven together to make me the man I am now.  Even today’s circumstances – while containing present use – are also preparing me for something more in the future. At this point, I am feeling a call to church planting here in Vancouver once I complete my degree, but we’ll see what He has in store (Prov. 16:9).



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