When God says ‘no’

When God says ‘no’

The link above in blue will take you to a song written by an artist i know closely.  The lyrics speak about the sovereignty of God through the lens of Job and – ultimately – Christ viz. that God is good in all He does whether it makes sense to us or not, or whether it is unbearably hard or not.  As Ephesians 1:11 states, He “works all things according to the counsel of His will” and, as Job replies to his wife, “shall i accept only good from God and not trouble also?”  I pray it may bless and encourage you on whatever side of the struggle/groaning you may be on presently.

” Sitting, waiting, outside of your room. Face in my hands, just praying for another tomorrow.  And Oh, Oh.  Now i’m looking in his face with all the hope that i can muster, but the doctor, he just shakes his head, ‘no.’ And Oh, Oh, Oh!

Patient, praying, i’ve given it my all. Hat in my hands, just praying it’ll be here tomorrow. And Oh, Oh.  Now i’m sitting by the phone with all the faith that i can muster, but the sun sets on the day, so apropos.  And Oh, Oh, Oh!

These pages, they are agony, but Your hand it wrote them all.  And shall i accept only good from You and not the trouble.  Anchor of my soul help me to know: that You work all for good and You love me so, even when You say ‘no.’

Kneeling, praying, in the garden all alone.  Face pressed to the ground, crying out in anguish to the Father. And Oh, Oh. And even as the Son cries ‘Father, take this cup away from Me,’ the silence back from heaven echos ‘no.’ 

And Oh, Oh, Oh! Oh, Oh Oh!”

3 thoughts on “When God says ‘no’

    • Your initial presupposition in making such a statement is, “I’m smarter than You God!” You may not ever state it that way (or maybe you would) but that is absolutely where it is rooted.

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