The ‘why’ of this blog

I love sailing! Since the first time i got into a boat and saw that you didn’t sink in water, i thought the whole idea was pretty cool to begin with. Then, after sailing a few days with my aunt and uncle off the San Diego coast on 45′ sailboat, i was captivated by the magic and mystery of it all.
But right off the dock, i learned something: when your just running off the motor out of your mooring site into the water, there is some excitement and maybe a bit of danger (these are incredibly expensive toys after all), but there is no real risk involved whatsoever. It is safe, it is fun, it is entertaining. But it’s only as you leave the shore and venture out into deep water – past the buoys and the sight of land to where you have nothing but the stars and your instruments to guide you – that both the real joy and danger of sailing begin.
And so this blog – for me – is about setting out into the deeper waters with Christ. Not in some, big-worded, look at my huge theological library, patronizing kind of way; but simply as one man who is desperately in love with Jesus and is dis-satisfied with “kiddie-pool” religion.   I want to sail out into the unknown, scary, unfamiliar places with God and see what deep riches of Himself He has for those who will follow Him out beyond the shoreline. If i trust my bible (and i do) there will most certainly be storms and winds and i may even be asked to step out of the boat in faith once or twice, but still i must follow.
If that sounds at all like you too or at least interesting to you, i welcome you aboard with me as i sail Outin2thedeep. God speed.

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